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Interim Management, 



Interim Management

As I have extensive experience in multiple sectors, I take on a variety of interim-management assignments.

From taking over for a Country Director or senior programme manager in the field to working as desk manager for an international NGO in an HQ position – I am flexible and can move overseas for any length of time.

I am also a seasoned, safety & security-minded emergency response manager who can (for instance) build up an emergency response, work with media, set up accountability structures and align the emergency response with the development programme of an INGO.

I am also happy to take over for maternity leave, for managers who are at risk of burn out or simply to bridge the recruitment period gap to make sure that (for instance) implementation is not at risk of being delayed.

Contact me directly if you would like to know more.  


Leadership- and personal development training are my passion. I prefer to design custom made 2 to 3-day trainings for a group or a team. An action plan and a follow-up day are always part of that. In working with (aspiring) managers I do use certain tools which have proven their value for me in accelerating learning. Belbin is one of those tools.

One of my favourite things to do (besides training a group of young managers in the field) is to train programme- and finance staff together in a personal development/effectiveness training.

Contact me if you would like to hear more about those programmes.

I also accept assignments to facilitate meetings, workshops and conferences so that you and your participants get the most out of these events. I am able to travel anywhere in the world for these kinds of assignments. 


My vision on coaching is one of empowering the coachee – (s)he determines the coachings-question and with that their journey to results. This means I do not take on remedial coachings assignments, as they have proven to be ineffective. I coach with empathy and energy and with an eye on the result the coachee wants to achieve.

A typical coaching trajectory entails an intake and 6-8 sessions of 45-60 minutes each. In addition to this there will be some assignments and the coachee can rely on my support via WhatsApp and e mail during the coaching trajectory at no additional charge. 



I coach clients who are considering the next step in their career, career switches or who simply want to do a check in on their chosen career path. I use multi purpose tools, socratic questioning and a tailor made approach. A career coaching trajectory is defined by a lot of concrete work. Usually 4-6 sessions are enough to take the next step. My clients can not only rely on my support via e mail and Whatsapp during the coaching trajectory; I also make my network available to them.

About Carin


Carin van der Hor is a senior manager, technical expert,

consultant and trainer with extensive experience in multiple

sectors and various countries. She has worked in senior management for international non-governmental organisations for several decades and is currently based in the Netherlands. She worked in public health, (adolescent) sexuality and reproductive health rights, SEAH, education, women’s rights, (prevention of) gender-based violence (GBV). She is also an experienced emergency response manager and has extensive disaster risk reduction experience.


Carin’s broad experience and excellent writing- and facilitation skills make her very flexible in taking on consultancies. In the past years, she has assisted organizations with reviewing their policies, building their teams, working on their governance structure but also with reviewing national grant management systems.

In addition to this Carin has undertaken monitoring visits, conducted evaluations, reviewed and edited reports and designed multi-disciplinary events.

Confidential counselor misconduct in organisations 

Sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment

I am a registered and accredited counselor in the area of prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment in the workplace

Independent, confidential and reliable

I offer my services to organisations on the basis of actual cases. In addition to this I conduct prevention work (see below)

Fraud and integrity issues

I am a registered and accredited counselor for all matters that relate to integrity, fraud and other issues that pose a threat to an organisation, individuals and groups.

Training, information, supporting a safe workplace for all

The first step is awareness and buy in on all levels of the organisation: a safe working environment is important for all. I am available to provide information, engage in dialogue with staff and identify areas for improvement together with (for instance) the management team or the work council

Workshops and Trainings

Contact me for these trainings and workshops.

Did not find what you were looking for? Chances are I have it in my toolkit or I know someone who does!

For more information contact

Uncomfortable Conversations Clinic 

(3.5 hours including short break - available online as 2 sessions of 90 minutes with a two week interval) 

This clinic is for anyone who can use a little help to tell that one particular colleague that his loud phone conversations with his children are disruptive to their work. Or to tell their adult children that they actually would not like to be rostered in as babysitter on a two-days-per-week-basis, even though they understand that child care is expensive.  

Or.... (fill in your own challenges here!)

In this training participants will learn the basics of effective conversation skills, with a focus on the difficult conversations. We will explore why some conversations are easy for you, but difficult for others and vice versa. 

Participants will learn that it is possible to start that difficult or uncomfortable conversation and actually come out of it with the relationship undamaged and the issue solved for both parties. 

This training can also be delivered as a full day programme - in which case we will use specific cases and examples of the participants themselves. 

Time Management 

(3 hours including short break - available online in a 2 hour session)

Time management is NOT about doing more in less time - it is about doing the right things in the time you have available.

We will touch on the difference between important and urgent; how to set priorities and how to plan for the unexpected (yes, it is possible!)

We will also look at e mails and online disruptions. 

Participants will get useful tips on how to be more mindful about using their time and they will get the chance to learn from each other. 

Recommended for anyone!

Start up workshops for new partnerships


The start of a new project is the perfect time for laying the groundwork of smooth, efficient, inspiring and exciting collaboration.

I facilitate start-up  (and progress) workshops on a myriad of topics: below some examples

  • Value clarification
  • Trust and communication
  • Grant Management 
  • Collaboration between programme- and finance teams
  • Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH)
  • Learning and capacity sharing
  • Networking and building communities of practice (COP's)

Setting healthy boundaries

(3,5 hours including short break  - online available as 2 hour session)

Setting healthy boundaries is important both for the person doing it and for the people around them. 

Once you are able to set boundaries in a clear, respectful manner, interpersonal relationships flourish. 

This means that work relationships are improved, and so is collaboration. In one's personal life a better balance is achieved in each person's needs and power. 

But... this is often easier said than done!

In this training you will learn: 

  •  why some boundaries are easier to maintain than others and how that is different for everyone
  • recognize the warning signs of someone pushing your boundaries
  • to maintain your boundaries in a healthy way

Core Qualities 

(3,5 hours including short break - also available online as 2 hour session or as extended course of 2 sessions with a 2-week interval) 

This workshop is interesting for just about anyone who wants to understand themselves better. 

Participants will learn to recognize their Core Qualities and how to make those qualities work for them effectively. 

But which pitfalls do you have and how can you avoid stepping into them?

A person who has great eye for detail for instance, usually deals with the pitfall of becoming very nit-picky and may have difficulty keeping an eye on the bigger picture. 

Participants will learn how to prevent ending up in their pitfall and to recognize why some people bring out the best (or the worst) in them. 

By gaining insight into one's Core Qualities and those of others, one can learn how to use them in a positive and balanced manner. 

Global Exper​ience

Experience in working in the following countries directly or with partners.


“I feel like you were always there when I needed you, thank you!"

Woman from the global south, mid-thirties

“I did not know what to expect from coaching, it is like having someone support you with no strings attached”

Man from the global south, mid-thirties

"You have not only guided, supported and mentored but also challenged me to be a better version of myself. Thank you."

Man, early thirties

Carin’s ability to oversee multiple complex projects stems from her intrinsic conviction that people are at the heart of successful programmes. Combined with her natural approach to addressing team members and behaviour this ensures progress in both project achievements and people’s performance. 

Rose Koenders, Global Manager at Rutger NL

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